Building Rock Star Leaders with NextGen Nation


​​Discover how Live Nation’s NextGen Nation program provides employees globally with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to grow as leaders. 

Each year, the NextGen Nation program selects 45 high-achieving employees from different teams across the Live Nation organization to collaborate with each other and develop their leadership skills. Through independent studies, in-person learning seminars, compelling guest speakers, and a group capstone project, the year-long program helps participants develop into tomorrow’s leaders and industry rock stars of the future. For the first year in the program’s history, NextGen crossed international borders in 2024, incorporating employees from Live Nation offices worldwide. 

Wondering what it’s like? Listen to our current participants share their experiences.

“When will I ever have the chance again to work with 45 colleagues from across the globe and different parts of the business? It’s inspiring to learn from such a diverse and enthusiastic group of colleagues – developing connections that I’m sure will last a lifetime.”
Georgina Pilling, Head of Marketing & Creative Solutions, Live Nation UK

The NextGen Program is unique in that it offers professional development on a global scale. For the capstone projects, in which employees are placed into groups and must develop a new product or process for development for Live Nation, participants are matched with people across many teams globally. Through teamwork, creativity, and cooperation, this program allows our brightest minds worldwide to learn from each other and build on their experiences to drive innovation.  

It’s really exciting to take part in the first ever global NextGen Nation program! The first two sessions in Amsterdam and Los Angeles have been truly inspiring with different insights, discussions, workshops and seminars. It’s been awesome engaging with fellow colleagues from all different markets around the world.
Adam Holmstrand, Marketing & Partnership Manager, Live Nation Sweden

Four Ways NextGen Nation Fuels Employee Impact & Growth

1. Unleashing Your Inner Game Changer

NextGen Nation is a career launchpad – teaching employees the ins and outs of our industry, how to play to their professional strengths, and setting them up with a solid foundation as they drive their development.

2. Becoming a Leader

We believe leadership is more than a title; it’s a mindset to develop in employees. NextGen Nation helps participants define their core leadership values, understand their unique impact and hone their management skills to guide and inspire their team.


With international growth being such a priority for Live Nation, being part of the first international cohort of NextGen has provided me with a first-hand glimpse into how we’ll work across teams to accomplish this.
Chelsea Charapich, ‪Senior Director, Artist Rights, Live Nation US

3. Leveling Up Learning

Strategic thinking sets the best apart from the rest. Next Gen Nation equips employees with the tools to excel in this area by developing their strategic decision-making and negotiation skills. 


4. Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Ever wonder how the live music industry evolved into what we know today? Entrepreneurship. NextGen Nation participants are at the forefront of its continued growth, gaining insights into the world of entrepreneurship and building ventures that contribute to our shared success. 


Hearing experiences directly from members of the first international NextGen cohort has been the most valuable aspect for me. We have more challenges and areas of opportunity in common than I thought, and that holds true when speaking with a Venue Manager from Belgium or Promoter in Spain.
Perey Rousseas, Director of Data Analytics & Audience Science, Live Nation US

This program champions empowerment, leadership, and entrepreneurship, setting a new standard in global professional development. Ready to elevate your career? Check out Live Nation’s open roles here.

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