Chappell Roan’s Gov Ball Performance: Lessons for Brands That Don’t Wanna Be Basic


Chappell Roan, the chart-topper with hits like “Red Wine Supernova” and “Good Luck, Babe!,” solidified her pop stardom at Governors Ball 2024 with a unique and viral performance. Dressed as Lady Liberty and arriving in a red apple, her green body paint and NYC-themed charms glistened under the festival lights. Her look came second to her incredible performance, which drew the attention of millions and holds valuable lessons for brands seeking to create lasting connections with their fans.

For the brands that want to be HOT TO GO! Keep reading.

“Being in the crowd at that moment felt like watching Michelangelo craft the statue of David in real time. It was pure pop euphoria and she hadn’t even opened her mouth yet.”
Andre Gee, Julyssa Lopez, Larisha Paul, Simon Vozick-Levinson, Rolling Stone

Top Takeaways for Brands

The new social ecosystem around live events has arrived. 

It’s launching artists to global stardom and taking festivals to new heights by bringing fans from all over the world into the experience. Every fan has a camera in their hand and an audience in their pocket. Give them something to see and be a part of the story they are there to tell.

Create experiences that feel curated to the festival culture and environment.

Chappell Roan didn’t just chat about her love for New York; she showed up in a big red apple as Lady Liberty. She didn’t hold back, and fans worldwide can’t get enough. Authenticity can be bold, wild, memorable, and fun—and it is the key to deeper connections!


Fans love a unique, unforgettable moment they can be a part of.

Chappell’s Gov Ball performance is the “I was there” live music moment of 2024 so far and fueled FOMO, leaving fans who weren’t searching for the experience online. Her Governors Ball set was iconic because it was original and uniquely celebrated the magic of that specific live experience.

"There are moments in some pop singers' careers where – if they're lucky – their stardom is locked into the collective consciousness of tens of thousands of people in one moment. Chappell Roan had one of these on Sunday evening."
Andre Gee, Julyssa Lopez, Larisha Paul, Simon Vozick-Levinson, Rolling Stone

Chappell Roan demonstrates the power of festivals for breakout artists and underscores how live music is the ultimate platform for culture, connection and powerful storytelling. And brands like Google Pixel are tapping into this powerful bond to connect more deeply with fans and make a lasting impression. So, for the brands who may be thinking of skipping out on this year’s festival season – Good Luck, Babe!

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