Inside Clockenflap: Hong Kong’s Biggest International Festival


In 2023, Live Nation partnered with Clockenflap, a Hong Kong-based event organizer specializing in music festivals and concerts, and its flagship Clockenflap Music and Arts Festival.

After a four-year hiatus, Clockenflap Music and Arts Festival, one of Asia’s best-known festivals, made a triumphant return last year, with two festivals in March and December.

How does it feel to have Clockenflap back, and what prompted the decision to organize two festivals in 2023?

Kinny Barlow (KB): It feels rather emotional as it wasn’t just the comeback of Clockenflap but the first large-scale event taking place in Hong Kong since the pandemic. It was truly a special occasion, and why we decided to run the festival twice in 2023. We look forward to building on this positive momentum and putting the festival annually on our year-end calendar. It’s too long to ask our fans to wait another 20 months for the next edition!

Hong Kong is known for being a cultural melting pot. How does Clockenflap draw inspiration from Hong Kong’s culture, and in turn, how has it influenced the city’s live music scene?

KB: Clockenflap is born and bred in Hong Kong, with the festival content 100% inspired by the unique culture of Hong Kong. Music-wise, we feature a distinctive and diverse lineup of artists. From internationally acclaimed acts to regional and local gems, our lineup promises an unparalleled experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. 

Clockenflap is also known for its magical culture and festival environment. From beautiful decor to roving arts, featuring handpicked local restaurants to brand activation experiences, our program ensures our fans have an amazing weekend with fun for all ages. 

"From the pre-festival planning phase to the on-site activation and post-festival, we help our brand partners authentically connect with our audience across the fan journey."
Kinny Barlow, Head of Partnerships for Clockenflap

As a music and arts festival, Clockenflap provides a whimsical experience for fans with wild art installations and attractions. How do you collaborate with the local and international art communities to bring this to life each year, and why is art important to the festival experience at Clockenflap?

KB: We work with our artistic director, Jay Forster, to curate different kinds of art experiences for fans, including interactive elements, audiovisual entertainment, roving attractions, and larger installations. We conduct an open call for our arts program, engaging and inviting Hong Kong’s local arts community to participate in our festival. The art experience provides the perfect complement to the thrilling music lineup. It is an essential part of the festival experience, influencing the vibe and culture of Clockenflap while fueling audience engagement.

Brand Activations from Levi’s, Brew Dog, IFC and Tommy Hilfiger

You’ve overseen sponsorship for Clockenflap since 2012, fostering partnerships with brands like Brew Dog, Tommy Hilfiger, and Levi’s. Tell us about how brands enhance the experience for fans at Clockenflap. Over the years, how have brands evolved their partnerships to successfully engage fans with exciting, new experiences?

KB: Working closely with our brand partners, we carve out meaningful roles for each of them to enhance the experience for fans during the festival. From the pre-festival planning phase to the on-site activation and post-festival, we help our brand partners authentically connect with our audience across the fan journey. For example, last March, we collaborated with foodpanda to create a special area outside the main food court, providing fans with food and extra comfort, fun, and special perks.  

foodpanda at Clockenflap 2024

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