New Study: The Joy of Live Music


In support of Mental Health Awareness Month, Alisha Strother, our Vice President of Fan and Partner Insights, and Michael Pavone, our Product Marketing Manager, teamed up to explore the profound impact of live music on mental health and happiness — and share findings from our global fan study. 

Music helps express feelings that I cannot find the words for and becomes an extension of my feelings that helps relieve stress and feel balanced.
German Live Music Goer

If you know, you know. When an artist’s music touches your soul in an unexpected way, it becomes that friendly smile from across the room.  The hug you needed.  The chills you’ve been craving.  The connection you were looking for.  Whatever the emotion, those ‘you-get-me’ lyrics help you feel your best—like they too have walked in your shoes. And seeing your favorite artists perform live instantly connects you to the thousands of other fans who are there for the same feels.

If you’re at a concert—Look to the person left of you, right of you. You don’t know what they’re going through. They just bring that community and connection out to the crowd.
US Live Music Goer

This is all because live music is so much more than entertainment; it’s an act of self-care that can significantly boost our well-being and mental health. Our recent “Joy of Live” study delves deeper into this cultural cross section of mental health and music to paint a clearer picture of this bond.  Check out some highlights below:

Live Music Has a Positive, Lasting Impact on Mental Health

Music is the #1 self-care habit among live music goers —outranking fitness, spending time in nature, and nutrition


of global fans have noticed a positive change in their mental health after attending a live music event


of global fans say attending live music events have played a role in helping them cope with stress, anxiety or depression

3 in 4

global fans believe live music events have a more profound impact on their wellness compared to other forms of entertainment

There Is a Welcomed Opportunity for Brands To Connect:

of people want brands to get involved in the mental health discussion


of people are more likely to try or buy from a brand if they knew it prioritized mental health & wellness resources


of global fans are more likely to engage with a brand onsite at a live music event that prioritizes their health & wellness

We love to see that brands are taking notice of this by leaning into live music as context for a mental wellness discussion with people, including new brand partners like BetterHelp who directly serve those in need of mental wellness services.

There are so many ways for brands to join this conversation and positively impact your business. Reach out to learn more about how our 360º live music marketing team can build a high-impact plan that’s tailored to your specific goals:sponsorshipcommunications@livenation.com

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