New Study: How Live Events Empower Black Identity


Our new Fan Insights study unveils the pivotal role of Black-founded music festivals like Broccoli City and Roots Picnic in fostering pride and cultural connections among Black fans.

Key Findings

Live Music Impacts Identity: Black fans see music as a core part of their identity, with live music events being important spaces for expressing and celebrating Black identity and creativity.

Emotionally Powerful Experiences: Live music events are regarded by Black fans as one of the most memorable moments of their life.

Cross-Generational, Cross-Community: Black fans create deeper connections through live music events, particularly with other generations, their family and their friends.

Amplifying Brand Love: Brands that align with Black culture and values are more impactful among Black consumers, and live music events provide the ultimate platform for connection.

Beyond the Music: Black live music fans are more passionate about fashion, beauty + personal care and technology, presenting unique opportunities for brands in these verticals to breakthrough.


of Black live music fans feel pride and deeply connected to Black culture at live events


of Black live music fans are more likely to purchase from brands that align with Black culture and values

When you become a part of the music in the audience, and it feels like you are on stage with the artist that you really love, it just takes you to another world.
Live music fan, Dreamville Festival

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