Study: Fans are More Loyal to Brands That Offer Live Music Perks


A recent Fan Insights Study capturing how fans across the U.S. feel about and engage with brand loyalty programs reveals that fans are more loyal to brands that offer live music perks.

While offering loyalty programs naturally garners favor with customers, brands with loyalty programs that include live music perks resonate on a deeper level with fans, and can see gains ​​in brand perception and more consideration for future purchases.

Key Findings

Live music goers are more engaged with loyalty programs than the general population. Take travel, for example, where live music goers are 70% more likely to belong to a loyalty program than the general population.

Music evokes emotion, which, in turn, creates lasting memories that foster loyalty. 67% of global fans say one of the most memorable moments of their lives was at a live music event, and two-thirds of live music goers connect their emotions at a show with the brands, products, and services they use there.

Loyalty programs make fans feel more valued and special. Live music goers overwhelmingly agree that loyalty programs make them feel more appreciated and like they’re part of an exclusive club, in addition to the financial incentives they offer.

Offering live music perks and money-can’t-buy experiences helps brands stand out. Almost all fans say they would be open to joining a loyalty program that offered live music perks, and many would even consider switching programs for one with live music perks, as long as price and other features are comparable.

There’s an incredible halo effect for brands that include live music benefits in their loyalty programs. With live music, brands can create compelling and shareable storytelling opportunities, which can help them attract new audiences while demonstrating their relevance to fans.

“Live music has the unique ability to propel loyalty programs to new heights. By tapping into the passion live music ignites in fans, brands can leverage these moments to cultivate lasting loyalty, forge deeper connections with fans, and create truly memorable experiences that set them apart from the competition.”
Jane Chen, Live Nation’s SVP of Integrated Marketing and Loyalty Solutions
Key Stats

of fans are likely to join loyalty programs that offer live music perks.


of fans agree brands that offer live music perks feel more relevant and share my values.


Qualitative: Triad Focus Groups: Three 75-minute virtual interviews with live music goers who belong to at least one loyalty program and are non-rejectors of brand sponsorship at live music events.


Live Music Goers Quantitative Survey: Nationally representative survey via Pollfish of N=1,000 live music goers aged 18-54 who currently participate in a loyalty program.

General Population Quantitative Survey: Nationally representative survey via Pollfish of N=300 general population age 18-54 who currently participate in a loyalty program.

MaxDiff Quantitative Surveys: Seven category-specific advanced analytics MaxDiff surveys via Pollfish of N=250 live music goers aged 18-54 who currently participate in a loyalty program and are not opposed to loyalty programs in specific categories.

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