Study: Power of Live Music on B2B Connections


Dive into our Fan Insights study to discover how B2B brands are winning over the live music audience that holds the keys to major decisions.

Key Findings

Influential B2B Audience: Live music fans hold decision-making roles in key B2B industries, showcasing a career-focused demographic.

Emotional Connection: Live music events provide a unique backdrop for B2B brands to make deeper emotional connections.

Hospitality Hot Spot: Business decision-makers see live music experiences like concerts and festivals as the ultimate setting for nurturing business relationships.

Brands Shine Through Music: B2B brands connected to the live music scene stand out and resonate with today’s diverse decision-makers. 

Cultural Crown Jewel: Business decision-makers view live music as the pinnacle of culture with the most influential fans and innovative brands.

The power of live music is extraordinary. Diverse, creative, and collaborative, it fosters dynamic conversations and connections.

Add technology to the mix, and the potential for elevated, meaningful experiences for the fan, customer, and artist grow exponentially.
Carrie Palin, SVP & CMO, Cisco
Key Stats

of decision-makers would be excited to do business at a live music event 


of decision-makers would be excited to attend a show as a part of a work event

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