Study: The State of Fandom in Live Music


Live music stole the spotlight in 2023, shaping culture and creating lasting memories. Our research explores fans’ emotional connections with live music and how their insatiable appetite for live experience will only continue to grow in 2024.

Key Findings

Fan Fidelity: The love for live music is unwavering, with fans from all generations dedicated to seeing their favorite artists. 

Priority Passion: It’s more than just a concert or festival; live music is the top priority for fans, offering them escapism, identity development, and enduring memories. 

Concert Coinnesseurs: In a world where people increasingly prioritize experiences, fans are attending more events than ever before and looking forward to continuing the trend in 2024.

During quarantine, my love for music grew quickly, and ever since I’ve made sure to not miss a single concert I’m interested in.
Gen Z live music fan

of fans agree they will always find a way to see their favorite artist perform


of fans plan to attend just as many or more shows in 2024

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