Live Nation’s Dancing Lady Award 💃💃🏽💃🏿


Created to celebrate and honor Theresa Velasquez, the Dancing Lady Award recognizes high achievers in Live Nation’s Media & Sponsorship division who embody her leadership, innovation and positivity.

Winner of 2024 Dancing Lady Award

With her positive, can-do attitude, Abby Tompkins creates an environment where everyone feels valued and supported, fostering inclusivity within the Integrated Marketing team and across our broader division. Whether organizing team-building activities or mentoring new colleagues, many of you shared Abby’s enthusiasm shines, lifting our workplace culture and leaving a lasting impression on the team. Congratulations, Abby!

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Abby Tompkins

Catch Up with Our 2023 Winner

A strategic problem solver, relationship-builder, and analyst, our 2023 winner Stephanie Shannon supercharges our work and culture with her optimism. Below, Stephanie shares what this award means to her, how she’s becoming a stronger leader and a fun fact about Theresa.

How has Theresa’s legacy inspired you, and what does receiving this award mean to you?

Stephanie: Theresa and I were friends before we started working together. She trusted I would thrive at Live Nation and helped shape my first role. She could surface people’s hidden superpowers and teach them to tap their potential for success. Knowing that my colleagues recognize me as a high achiever who drives impact with the empathy and acceptance that Theresa brought to our team is an honor. I always strive to bring a sense of calm and warmth to our division.

Winners receive a professional development fund for career growth and aspirations. How has it impacted your career?

Stephanie: I took one of Harvard’s professional development courses, “Managing Yourself and Leading Others,” which connected me with people from across the world and broadened my perspective. Ultimately, I learned that being a great leader stems from tapping into your empathy and emotional intelligence. Theresa always exuded those qualities, setting a standard not always seen in sales.

What do you hope for the future of the Dancing Lady Award? How do you see it evolving?

Stephanie: This award acknowledges the impact of how we show up for our team and spotlights individuals whose positive behavior creates an inspiring and uplifting workplace. In the future, I hope we continue to select more standout stars from our division who bring excellence and empathy to the table.

Theresa used to doodle Garfield everywhere. You'll find a drawing of him on a whiteboard in one of our New York office conference rooms that she sketched.
Stephanie Shannon, SVP, Strategy & Business Development
Looking down at my tattoo, with its non-straight lines and quirks, it reminds me: You might not be perfect, but that’s what makes you perfectly imperfect.
Stephanie Shannon, SVP, Strategy & Business Development

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