4 Ways Live Music Takes Loyalty Programs to the Next Level

When fans buy tickets to a show, they’re also buying a piece of emotion.
Jane Chen, Live Nation's SVP of Integrated Marketing & Loyalty Solutions

Live Nation’s recent Loyalty Study revealed an exciting discovery: live music fans are more engaged in loyalty programs than the general population.

In a compelling Ad Age article, Live Nation’s loyalty expert Jane Chen takes a closer look at the findings and explores how some of the world’s most influential brands, like Hilton, Citi, and Dunkin’, harness the magic of live music to forge lasting connections and see a surge in loyalty.


of fans are likely to join a loyalty program that offers live music perks


of fans ages 25 to 34 say, with price and features being equal, they would switch loyalty to a brand that offers live music rewards

Effective programs offer one of three things:

Creating pathways for customers to get the tickets they want.


Giving them an exceptional experience.


Allowing fans to use a brand’s points or currency at live events.

Read more about how live music builds lasting loyalty for brands on Ad Age.

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